Productivity through
Education and Humor 

"Greg is a fantastic instructor that provides excitement and energy to an otherwise mundane and boring program."
    - Jonathan Malone, Marketing - Allstate Insurance

Humor, Motivation and Stress Management,
Education, Speaking, and Presentation
Management, Leadership, and Customer Service,
Holiday/End of Year Recognition Events

Humor, Motivation, and Stress Management 

"Your presentation "People, Paper, and Processors: The Great Administrative Balancing Act" was excellent. You had us laughing early and you never lost us throughout the morning. I especially enjoyed your playing during lunch. It made the event even more special."
- Mary Stuckey CPS/CAP, President, IAAP Georgia Division

Smiling All the Way to the Bottom Line

Smile to Success and Laugh to Productivity! - Before you laugh all the way to the bank you should learn to S.M.I.L.E. all the way to the bottom line.  This humor and inspiration in the workplace presentation will teach you how to love what you do and do what you love. Learn how to effectively use humor and good communication skills to increase morale and productivity and decrease stress and frustration.

People, Paper, and Processors: The Great Balancing Act

The Big Three: People, Paper, and Processors - A humorous, musical presentation on life and career balancing with effective tips on how to manage and supervise people and processes/processors as well as the paper associated with our positions. Get ready to laugh and learn as we examine the Big Three of our career and lives ó people, paper, and processors. Practical tips and informative stories demonstrate how to stay on the balance beam of life and your career without falling off.    

Performance! The 5Ps to Success.

Practice, Persistence, Patience, Perserverance, and Play make for a perfect Performance! - Increase your performance and boost your morale and career through the Five Pís of Performance Excellence. Learn, as I have, the lessons of an artist and musician in creating a great performance in your life and business career through Practice, Persistence, Perseverance, Patience, and Play. This is an innovative, entertaining, and practical education presentation in being creative, enthusiastic, and loving what you do. Guaranteed to lift your spirits and results. Learn to enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy. Benefit from how disciplines of practice, persistence, perseverance, patience, and play lead to success and prosperity.

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Education, Speaking, and Presentation 

"Every teacher needs to be taught how to teach like Greg can! I have learned so much."
   - Kristina Polls, Kennessaw State University, Student

Education Excellence!

Excel at educating others and entertaining yourself - Explore the 5 Es of Education Excellence with me as we learn how to keep our material and presentations fresh and innovative. I have designed this workshop for all teachers, educators, professors, and even sales people who need to educate their students and clients. We will examine in detail the 5 Es that have contributed to my success and passion. The 5s are: Education, Empathy, Enthusiasm, Energy, and Entertainment. You will have your clients and students saying: "Every educator needs to be taught how to teach like you can." And you will be more passionate and less boring in your educating others.

Power Presentations!

Learn to make powerful presentations and PowerPoint - Want to over come the fear of speaking? Or are you an experienced speaker that needs to refresh and rekindle your passion? You've got the Power to make powerful presentations and I can help enhance your style and presentation ability. Learn how to make presentations that captivate and engage all audience types. Through acting, music, comedy, and other stage work I have learned speaking secrets through the arts and performance. We will develop your entertaining style to increase attention AND retention of your subject matter. I will teach you presentation tips using PowerPoint. You will learn how to make your presentation style and PowerPoint razzle and dazzle the audience. I have designed this class for anyone making presentations from teachers and sales people to motivational speakers and entertainers. If you are in front of people and talking, I can help make your and the participants experience remarkable and more rememborable.

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"A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to the Marketplace" was a unique presentation that explored differences in people and cultures, as well as the importance of niche marketing and of understanding our clients and their unique characteristics. The music was fantastic, while the stories were touching and really made one think about how words can really hurt."
   - Lori J. Spetlz, NCR - Human Resources Consultant

A Funny Thing Happened on my way to the Marketplace

Explore with humor the value in being different and an individual - Discover the reasons for the importance of diversity in our economy and niche marketing.  Learn about traditional diversities as well as personality and mind set diversity.  We will examine diversity in people, products, and process.  Music and humor will provide relevant analogies and illustrations.  Recognize bias and implement associate and customer satisfaction through an inclusive environment and culture.

University of Diversity

Graduate with honors and humor at the University of Diversity - Attending the University of Diversity will teach you the importance of diversity in people, products, and processes. The Diversity University will explore differences and similarities, value, and results of diversity in your life and business. The presentation is humorous, thought provoking, and relates respect of individuality in all that we accomplish. Participants will learn he importance of understanding the unique characteristics that make all of us valuable. I educate you through humor, relevant stories, and music.

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Leadership, Management, and Customer Service 

"Your unique way of presenting material was enjoyed by everyone, and I would recommend your performance to anyone wanting an entertaining, meaningful way to transfer knowledge to a team."
    - Terrie Crawford, Director - Human Resources, BellSouth/AT&T

Millennium Management: Digital Age Leadership

The Digital Age requires a different management style. – A course in being a manager and leader in providing excellence in internal and external customer service.  We are all managers and leaders of a process/processor, people, and/or products. We will explore management and leadership techniques through communication, etiquette, and professionalism.  We will develop ideas on the differences between a leader and a manager and where you fit. We will role-play various business scenarios. Developing communication skills and using proper etiquette will be emphasized and practiced in the presentation. The digital leadership portion can examine diversity, technology, and ethics/integrity. 

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  Gifts That Don’t Need A Battery Pack!

"The information shared was very worthwhile and informative to the participants. The piano music on Monday night was wonderful."
   - Sylvia Sloan, Unit Chief, DHR - State of Georgia

Holiday Recognition and Entertainment

An educational, holiday variety show. A holiday presentation for all organizations that uses humorous stories and music parodies to teach about the importance of time, a good attitude, humor, neighbors, and knowledge. This is a great way to recognize your associates as the year winds down at a luncheon, dinner, party, or other business holiday event. The presentation can follow a dinner and the event can be mixed with piano holiday tunes and humor. We can customize the material to include your end of year recognition programs.  Learn to give the gifts in your life and career that don’t require batteries nor a credit card number and have lasting value. A Great way to greet the Season and New Year.

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